Fear of the number thirteen?

Triskaidekaphobia - Interesting Facts 

Did you knew?

Many hospitals have no room number 13, while many tall buildings skip the 13th floor. Instead they either have floor 12A or M (the 13th letter of the alphabet).

The former U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt refused to travel on the thirteenth of any month and would never sit with thirteen people at table.

Other famous people who have had triskaidekaphobia are Napoleon or the former US president Herbert Hoover.

In Paris you superstitious dinner guests rent a "fourteenth", or a professional fourteenth guest.

Hotel - missing room number 13
Avoiding number 13 - room missing

It has been estimated that around $ 800 - 900 million is lost in the U.S. annually because of triskaidekaphobia as people will not fly or do business as usual.

40 percent of real estate agents admit that houses that have 13 in their address are difficult to sell - and often must be sold at a lower price than similar houses with a different house number?

Trying to avoid number 13
House number 13 - trying to avoid the digit

According to a British study that compared traffic accidents over a period of 2 years, there are actually more accidents on Friday the 13th than other Friday the 6th, probably because many drivers are more nervous in traffic that day. A similar study in the Netherlands did not sustain the findings of the British though.

In Formula-1 cars cannot bear the number 13.

Several airlines have no row 13 on their planes and Scottish airports do not have gate 13 They use gate 12B instead.

Several airlines don’t have a 13th aisle including Continental, KLM or Air France.

Lufthansa airplane - number 13 missing
Lufthansa airplane - number 13 missing

Italian lottery leaves out the number 13 from its drawing.

In Florence, Italy house numbers do not have number 13, but 12A.

NASA's moon mission, Apollo 13, was launched at 13:13, from pad 39, and was later aborted on April 13.